I  Give  You  My  Word


How I Started

I had always been asked to write poems for family, friends and work colleagues when I worked in an office to mark their special occasions.

When I wrote they all continually said the same thing, in that what I did was a gift and I should make it my profession.  

To be honest I thought what I did everyone could do, back then I didn't believe in myself or that my writing was a talent.

Time and the great belief I now have in myself has changed that, and knowing my writing is a gift inspired my writing service - 

I Give You My Word. 

What Makes My Poems Special

With many years of experience I have honed my skills and knowledge in writing well-versed and touching poems.

To write poetry is second nature to me and also being in the love/romance business it doesn't hurt if you are a true romantic yourself....which I am.

This is my gift from God and my true calling.

My poetry is fuelled by your love, emotions and dreams and once I have an understanding of what you wish to convey and the tone you wish to set I will then go about creating your one-of-a-kind poem.

Personalisation is unique and therefore very special.

I also think that any profession can be regarded as special when you can move a person to such emotion as happy tears by what you were able to create for them.  

For me that is the greatest compliment.

I hope you too will enjoy the experience of having a poem written by me, and hopefully cry happy tears too.